Project Directors

5-2-1-0 Let’s Go! Steering Committee

Dr. Alina Alonso
Florida Department of Health Director

Tenna Wiles
Palm Beach County Medical Society Executive Director

Dr. Cynthia Clayton
Retired Physician

Quinn Hayes
Florida Department of Health Healthy Communities Consultant & Project Director

John James
Palm Beach County Medical Society Director of Public Health & Disaster Services

Sharon Greene
Florida Department of Health
Health Promotion & Educator Program Direct

Five Main Strategies

  1. Integrate physical activity every day in every way
  2. Make healthy food available everywhere
  3. Strengthen schools as the heart of health
  4. Empower employers to provide healthy worksites
  5. Market what matters for a healthy life

Four Healthy Places

  1. Early Care and Education
  2. Schools
  3. Communities
  4. Worksites

One Healthy Message

  • 5210 Let's Go!